​Born and raised in New York and New Jersey, Rob discovered his gift for spotting the latest music trends when he was a teenager. “I remember being in Crazy Eddie’s on Route 17 in Paramus, New Jersey, the day Boy [U2’s debut album] was released,” he says. “I heard it playing as I was sifting through records and listened to nearly the whole album before finally asking what it was. I bought it that day and couldn't stop talking about to friends. I’d never heard anything like it—it married everything I loved about rock, electronic, punk, and new wave into one. I knew this band was going to be big.” Rob’s club journey began in the 80s, when he’d drive into New York City several nights a week to go to parties at Danceteria and The Roxy. During this time, he also discovered The Saint and The Garage—somehow he managed to get into both clubs on a regular basis. “Both were membership only, but I knew people,” he says. This was when Rob’s hunger for DJing began to develop. “I had never heard a DJ tell a story in such a powerful way, building the energy in those rooms the way they did for 10 or 12 hours. The Saint and The Garage were completely different, and I learned so much about music from being in those two clubs. I learned how to tell my own story.” Soon Rob started doing guest DJ spots around the city and became friends with Keoki, Sean Michael, Michael Alig, and the It Twins, who were all part of the downtown scene. He played regularly with Keoki at The It club, which was part of The World. Rob collected and played all the hottest underground new wave, punk, and industrial sounds of the 80s and 90s, later developing a bigger interest in house music, acid house, and the future techno and progressive sounds coming out of Europe. While attending Pace University, Rob’s appetite for production, engineering, and the business side of the music industry grew. He took a course at The Center For Media Arts in audio engineering, and soon got a job at Francois K's Axis Studios, located in the penthouse above Studio 54. "I remember the interview with Alan Friedman, Francois' right hand man and programmer,” Rob says. “They were looking for their first general assistant and building their first control room. There was a copy of Yello's 12" ‘Call It Love’ on the table, and I told Alan that I loved the record. That pretty much sealed the job—I didn’t realize it till I got home, but Francois had mixed that track, along with some of my other favorite records.” During his first two years at Axis, Rob worked long hours as a general assistant and first assistant engineer for Francois and a host of other producers. Eventually, Rob took over as the studio manager. Soon Axis grew from a one-room facility to a world-class production house with three suites. Francois, Shep Pettibone, Cole and Clivilles, and Fred Maher brought a host of top notch acts through the doors: Depeche Mode, Madonna, C&C Music Factory, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Kraftwerk, The Cure, Information Society, Pet Shop Boys, and Mathew Sweet, to name a few. In three years, Axis became one of the premier recording studios in NYC. During this time, some of the most influential and important relationships—with Danny Tenaglia, Shep Pettibone, Frankie Knuckles, Junior Vasquez, Matthias Heilbronn, Rob Rives, and many others—in Rob’s DJ and music career were formed. “These guys were inspirational to me as DJ's and producers, and they’re still friends to this day,” Rob says. Rob continued to DJ all over the city, at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, The World, Club It, Moonshadow, Area (Quick), Milkbar, Limelight, The Tunnel, Pyramid, Twilo (opening for Danny Tanaglia), Life, Baracuda, The Works, g lounge, Pyramid, Crobar, VINYL (Be Yourself, again opening for Danny Tenaglia); he also played at BVD’s in Miami and toured Japan three times with Tokyo DJs and close friends Patrick Bommarito and Nao Nakamura. With technological and digital advances in the recording industry, more and more Axis clients began to do preproduction in their homes or at small, inexpensive midi rooms. Axis had to adjust. After Rob left Axis in 1998, he worked as a buyer, sales manager, and rep for companies such as Watts Music, Satellite Records and Syntax Distribution. He came back to work for Francois as an A&R assistant for Wave Music and Wave Tec imprints. About the same time, Francois started Wave Music and began to DJ again. Rob was involved with Wave on a creative level from day one. He helped Francois develop several albums and singles for various artists. Bossa Mundo & WaveTec Vol. 1, mixed by Rob and Mike Calahan, featured many tracks from the WaveTec imprint. Rob also joined forces with Spiros Kissimis as Rarefaktion to release a four-track EP on Clicktracks.  Eventually, Rob parted ways with Wave Music, but he continued to DJ at several NYC clubs: He had a four-year gig at Crobar; eight years at Barracuda; seven years at Therapy; and three years and counting at The Eagle; plus other guest spots around New York. He recently opened with a stellar set for Danny Tenaglia at Pacha for his 2012 BDAY BASH and Vinyl Reunion Party. Simultaneously, he’s pursued a second career in home building and repair, become a licensed NY State Realtor, and joined the Fire Island fire department as a volunteer. (Ironically, when the legendary Pavilion dance club went up in flames this winter, one of the first men on the scene to battle the blaze was DJ: Rob.) Rob’s DJ sound has evolved over the years. Currently he's focused on futuristic tech, techno, and house. He uses his unique, skilled approach to weave those genres and classics of all kinds into sets for the best low-ceiling, underground spots or big-room venues everywhere. RECENT 2013 & 2014 GIGS: STEREO, MONTREAL, CANADA; KARMA, NYC, PANTHER ROOM (OUTPUT), NYC, FULSOM STREET EAST T-DANCE @ AMNESIA, PANORAMA BAR; BERGHAIN, BELIN, GERMANY.